Examples of recent projects:

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  • Worked with ‘Tier 1’ consulting partner
  • Issues found with weekly employees and certification
    • Corrections identified
    • Consulting partner addressed underlying processes issues

Confirmed AE processes and calculations were correct

  • Produced report for pension scheme trustee & governance board

Checked the accuracy of the payroll AE module

  • Confirmed accuracy of system calculations
  • Identified minor data errors and rounding differences
  • Audit results were shared with the Pension Regulator

Multiple issues identified

  • Confirmed incorrect AE basis applied for c.500 employees
  • Banded earnings also incorrectly applied
  • Employer pension contribution shortfalls of c.£500,000 identified
  • Re-ran AE from staging date to calculate pension contribution corrections
  • Identified that payroll provider software failed to auto-enrol employees at age 22
  • Partner advised on system & process changes to prevent future problems

Multiple issues identified

  • Incorrect employer and employee contributions started following a change of personnel in the payroll department
  • Employer pension contribution shortfalls of c.£90,000 identified
  • Human error confirmed as cause of the ongoing AE errors
  • Errors started to occur in BAU AE processes two years after staging date
  • Re-ran AE for an 18 month period and produced corrections
  • Data used for calculation of compensation for investment returns

Checked AE compliance as part of the integration of an acquisition

  • Confirmed AE calculations were correct
  • Minor data issues resulting from human errors were corrected
  • Opt out processes failed. Some opted out employees were still contributing to scheme
  • Opt outs corrected and employee repayments calculated

Multiple issues found

  • Employee & employer pension contribution calculation errors
  • Differences identified between pension contributions calculated and the contributions received by pension provider
  • Re-ran AE from staging date to produce pension contribution corrections
  • Provided data for calculation of additional investment return compensation
  • Partner recommended system & process changes to prevent future errors
  • 90% of issues were due to ongoing human errors

Why do employers check their AE compliance?

  • New FD’s & HRD’s reviewing pension & AE arrangements
  • Businesses that suspect they may have compliance issues and are concerned about the enforcement action by the Pension Regulator (tPR)
  • M&A preparation / due diligence to eliminate risk and the need for warranties to cover  potential hidden AE liabilities which are not checked during annual audits
  • Concern that tPR are now using Payroll RTI data from HMRC to identify employers with AE compliance failures
  • The Pensions Regulator compliance and enforcement teams work with other agencies when employers are investigated (e.g. HMRC, National Minimum Wage and VAT). 

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